My thoughts recorded after 2 days of energy work and channeling calls

august2014energyworkEach day this month, I’m hosting a live 20-minute conference call to do energy work for you. I periodically do major channeling events that offer transformation, but this is a different sort of opportunity.

Connecting to the energies and confidence of Metatron and Djehuty each day for 20 minutes can change your life by providing small upgrades and course corrections that will add up.

Call in as many times as you can and/or want. No RSVP, no commitment. The call-in details are in this PDF, and payment will take place after the event. Just count up the number of calls you participated in and send me the fee on a sliding scale of $5-10 per call. Straightforward, transformative energy work to change your life for the better and that’s affordable – what could be better?

We’ve done two calls thus far, with the 3rd tonight. After each call I’ll record a brief video as a daily diary to share with you my experience as I go. I’m encouraging everyone participating more than a call or two to keep a written or video blog to track changes in their lives as well as to create some evidence written/recorded from a solid, grounded, self-loving place (which is why I’m doing mine after each call).

Below are the videos from me from days 1 and 2: