Today is Daily Energy Work & Channeling #7

august2014energyworkEach day this month at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, I host a live conference call to do energy work on and channel for callers. All the details are in this PDF.

From callers:

“I almost fell off my chair last night – I felt completely connected. Thank you, Tom, for sharing your gifts with us!”

“This energy work is very exciting!

Day #3 was the most powerful yet. The same phenomenon happened tonight as it did a week ago at the acupuncture center meditation: with my eyes closed, I see/sense a ball of warm flickering light right between my eyes, as if someone is holding a lit sparkler over my third eye. This happened three separate times tonight in the space of 20 minutes. Felt wonderful.

“… visualization of debris moving out of my space was very clear. Felt tugging around 3rd chakra and pain and tension leaving from shoulders up the left side of my neck and head.

On my YouTube channel I’ve posted a few videos recorded right after ending calls, explaining my process the last couple of weeks as well as discussing the calls and offering some context for why we should do energy work with an ascended master and an archangel as we are.

No RSVPs, no commitment – call in as often as you like during the month. For payment, at the end of the month you’ll tally up how many days you called in and send me the fee of $5-10/call – very affordable for getting this kind of daily connection, release, and tune-up with powerful beings here to help us get our spaces clear and spiritual heads on straight.

Read the details and get the call-in information.