Feedback from Daily Energy Work Callers

august2014energywork“Hi, Tom. Wanted to touch base with you to thank you for doing these calls! …. Thursday’s call was just what I needed to release some unknown fears that have been keeping me from moving forward. The next morning, I created the Facebook page for my business & didn’t feel the usual stuff that I typically would when putting myself out there. Very powerful!!”

Another woman wrote that she’d mentioned doing the calls in her blog, in a post about acting on a long transit of Mars through her 12th house by focusing on self-care.

I’ve heard from others that they feel more grounded, clearer, lighter, more centered, less stressed when commuting to and from work, able to open the heart and come back to it regularly, and other wonderful things.

Interacting with an ascended master and an archangel daily offers the chance to get out of the ruts of how our minds and routines can run our lives. Stuck patterns become more clear, as do the ways to leave them behind.

Plus, it’s a 20-minute hang-out in which you can let go of the stress and pressure of daily life and connect to another realm. All they do is give us the chance to learn to clean up our lives by making better decisions, as well as understanding and letting go of why we we’re not there yet (if we’re not).

It’s also a chance to learn to trust your instincts and your body, and set the stage for your own spirit guides to be able to get through to you. They’re always trying to share helpful info with you, but if you carry fears (which these calls work on releasing), you can’t hear them very well.

All the details are in the PDF flier – every night this month at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern – spread the word to all you know who would benefit emotionally, spiritually, or physically:

Here’s the most recent entry in the video journal I’m keeping this month: