Autoimmune Diseases from a Medical Intuitive Perspective

A client wrote me yesterday to ask if I had online resources on lupus I might refer him to. Here’s my response:

hi [name] – thanks for the question. re lupus, i don’t know about resources, but i can share what it looks like from a medical-intuitive perspective. that’s part of my work but i haven’t talked about it much yet.

as an autoimmune disease, it’s symbolic. it’s a manifestation when we don’t feel safe in the world or within the body. physiologically, all autoimmune issues involve the immune system attacking the body when it shouldn’t.

whatever threats seem to exist in a person’s life or life history, his perceptions of why they exist and/or why they happened in the past need to be rewritten. because attacks from the outside world/others don’t, in fact, occur because we’re not safe. they occur because we vibrate to us situations that reveal our beliefs and karma. sometimes, as i think we’ve maybe discussed, those vibrations are under the surface of conscious awareness because they have to do with the multilife journey, what we usually call past lives. they are lodged in or etched painfully on the emotional body, which we share with our other lives. we have to learn to look at what’s happening – what’s manifesting – in our lives externally and physically as indicative of what’s going on energetically, even if we’re not aware of it. it’s a form of reverse engineering, sort of creating a blue print or schematic (identifying the belief within) from taking apart/analyzing the thing in front of us. same with relationships, challenges, health – all the same.

so, it seems to me that working deeply on developing a feeling of safety and security can address autoimmune diseases of all kinds. self-judgment, regret, shame, and guilt may for some also be part of the story, as if we hate ourselves for something, the immune system can be triggered to attack us.

personally, i have a bit of psoriasis. when i was about 8 it began, and it was bad for a few months, and it’s been mild ever since. as i work on the notion of safety within me from that age, i was picked on/bullied and rarely stood up for myself. also, i realized at age 8 i would never have the relationship with my dad that i wanted, feeling very alone in the world though my relationship with my mom was good. both of those things can show up as feeling not safe. ironically, it was just this week that i confronted a person who did not mean to bully me but tried a couple of times because he was upset and i wouldn’t listen to him, and apparently he really wanted me to hear him. i got it for reals that my bottom line is that i simply won’t be intimidated by anyone else. i’m 42! just getting it now. and i know it’s because of the charged onyx. re my dad stuff, i’ve worked a lot of that out with him after he died and went through his after-death education. there may be still some stuff to work out, but now it’s different. i wouldn’t be surprised if the psoriasis lessens to almost nothing or goes away now that i feel deeply that i can stand up for myself in a new way.

lots of people have autoimmune situations that develop during adulthood. i think the keys are several:

1. to work intently on developing a feeling of safety and security in the world.

2. to make peace with and graciously accept what the body is and does – how it reacts to our emotional and energetic situations – making the body a friend.

3. to rewrite the history of why we have not felt safe to reflect a perspective based in vibratory reality. because then we can view what’s happened to us that made us feel not safe as part of the learning journey of soul to explore human reality.

4. to seriously and harshcorely overcome self-doubt, -criticism, -regret, -shame, and -hate. once and for all. to evaluate and celebrate what is great about us as individuals and take the rest in stride as evidence that we’re works in progress.

all that for what it’s worth. i would not be surprised if, after you have some experience with any waves of emotion that might come up using the onyx, if your body’s manifestations change. no guarantees, but i do feel strongly – i see evidence constantly – that physical stuff manifests what’s in the energy field.

we’re just now getting ready as a collective to see into the reality that the physical body cannot help but manifest what’s going on with us energetically. it will change everything about how we approach the physical as well as the emotional.

be well,