Steps for Healing Deep Emotional Pain

Yes, this can be healed. Everything can be healed.

One of the first things to realize about emotional pain the runs deep is that it’s easy to feel overtaken by the part of us that hurts. Something can trigger the pain from the past, and we feel a wave of pain and/or fear wash over us. In that moment – for a few moments – we become the age at which the painful thing happened. Or, just as likely, we feel helpless as the feeling takes over.

But we are energetic beings. We can work with minimal effort to establish a baseline, healthy relationship with our energy fields. Do these steps in order and you will begin to see how to make progress with deep pain that lingers and resurfaces, sometimes derailing your healthy intentions and wonderful goals. You will increase your confidence. Your ability to envision and act upon the life you want to live will become clearer. And you’ll be stepping into the mode of being that is the future of the evolution of the species – consciously managing our energies and emotions, being in touch with who and what we really are as humans.

1. Begin with the free 13-minute meditation mp3 linked in the lower right on my homepage. Do this twice each day … forever. Seriously, do it for a long time. It can help with momentary stress relief, but its real value is in consistent use. I offer this to any and all so you can feel what it’s like to empower yourself through learning to consciously manage your energy field. Thousands all over the globe have this mp3, and I hear from many that daily use has helped them more consciously operate themselves in their lives as a result of it. I also notice the long-term effects in my coaching clients. They become less reactive, more calm, less fearful, and better in touch with themselves as energetic/emotional beings so that they can put to good use the guidance that comes through me in their sessions.

2. Next, get comfortable with the image of your human self as a collection of subpersonalities. I am not hereby diagnosing you or anyone/everyone as mentally ill, but recognizing that each person is a collection of emotional frequencies, ideas/thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and ways that these are all tied together. We are shaped in real – and sometimes profound – ways by our experiences.

One of my goals is to teach you to identify the part of you that can manage all the various parts of you in healthy, mature ways. Each of us has such a part of self, even if we at times or often feel lost. Using the mp3 meditation linked above daily will show you how to identify that part.

3. Decide to treat all parts of you with compassion. Decide to withhold judgment and criticism. Put the part of you that can get grounded and open your heart (see the free mp3 linked to above) in charge, recognizing that the other parts have weird ideas, defense mechanisms, unhappy memories, escapist tendencies, pain, confusion, and a lack of focus because they don’t know how to get grounded and deal with emotions effectively.

4. Get and use the 22 daily meditation mp3s I offer. These are channeled from Archangel Metatron (a commitment to serious transformation) and Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin (a commitment to gaining wisdom and a soul-level view of everything to support evolution). Use them in order for 22 days and then revisit them in any order you like or randomly after that. The mp3s begin a process of energy work to clear debris, calibrate you to the frequencies of these beings to empower you, and align your energy field in serious ways. See a video testimonial from a client who’s worked with these mp3s and continues to use them.

5. Decide that you are stronger than pain and fear that linger in your field and surface at times. Confront parts of you bringing/carrying fear and pain with compassion. Use a programmed onyx crystal and sign up to receive the 4 Processing Trauma and Grief mp3s channeling Metatron and Djehuty.

All sorts of deep pain can be healed. But it can happen only when we learn to operate ourselves consciously as energetic beings. We are not brains with bodies or bodies with brains. We are energetic beings, and when we feel energy coming to us we respond with emotion, as though emotion-music instruments. These ideas are central to human evolution now, and just about everything I’ve done with my work and life for the last decade has lead to this process.

The fact is that you are in charge of your life, but you’ve felt disempowered at times because of overwhelm or the looming specter of pain and what you do to avoid it. You can now make self-interested decisions that put you into the driver’s seat of your life, and all of these tools will enable you to do that.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new onyx pieces for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via