I’d Like to Work With You. Where Do I Start?

My site has grown over the years to include many different services and products. This post is about giving you ideas of where to start if you want to work with me.

Below are some kinds of things people bring to me and links to relevant services and products.

I want to learn evolutionary astrology with you.
Begin with a Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview mp3 prerecorded reading.
Then become a member of the Soul’s Journey Soundbite Database, around 500 fifteen-to-twenty-minute mp3 evolutionary astrology readings in a searchable online database.
Next, tutoring and/or evolutionary classes will give you time with me to learn.

I want to know about my astrology chart.
A Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview is a 45-minute prerecorded mp3 reading, an overview of your soul’s multilife journey.
Consultations and coaching packages will include my explaining your chart to you.

Tell me WTF I’m on this planet for/I need help!/Just WTF in general.
A Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview is a 45-minute prerecorded mp3 reading, an overview of your soul’s multilife journey. Soundbites are fantastic for hearing my take on your life’s path before speaking with me.
Then consultations and coaching packages are important opportunities for deep self-understanding and resolving long-standing issues.

I want to know about Lilith in my chart.
The Black Moon Lilith Natal Report will describe house, sign, and aspects to your Lilith plus 5 years of transits and progressions to it.
My Lilith: Healing the Wild book is a great resource for learning all about Lilith, including myth/archetype, Lilith astrology, and how to heal Lilith issues.
The Lilith MP3 set is 7 hours of material expanding on the teachings in the book.

I want to know about Chiron in my chart.
The Chiron Natal Report covers house, sign, and aspect of your Chiron, transits and progressions to your natal Chiron for a year, and transits of Chiron to the rest of your chart for a year.
The Chiron Course is an 11-hour mp3 set covering my entire astrology teaching on Chiron. My book Chiron, 2012, and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It is a transcription of that course.

I hear you work with people on intense emotional baggage and help them clear it.
Coaching packages (3 hours done over two months max) are the best route to clearing residues of abuse, guilt, shame, self-hatred, depressiveness, and more.
Energetically programmed crystals and stones interrupt old patterns and beliefs, facilitating serious and lasting change.
Channeled audio can help you connect with the empowering energies of Ascended Master Djehuty and/or Archangel Metatron to clear old energies and reset your field.

I want to know what my spirit guides have to tell me.
Consultations and coaching packages are the way to go.

I want to clear old energies and beliefs.
Begin with a Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview to learn my bird’s-eye view on your soul’s multilife journey and how to begin making changes.
Then check out my energetically programmed crystals and stones to see which relates to what you want to clear.
Then a consultation or a coaching package is appropriate to clear old energies.

I need a reset in my life.
Channeled books, channeled audio, energetically programmed crystals and stones, and a Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview mp3 reading will help.
Coaching packages offer the chance to work with me on an ongoing basis (3-hour packages with no limit to how many you can do) to make real and lasting change. Evolutionary astrology, energy work, spirit guide messages, and other-life readings are part of coaching with me.