A.M. Djehuty on Power of Mind, Power of Body, Power of Heart

Last night in Vancouver, BC, I had the pleasure of channeling Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) for a small group  on the theme of aligning mind, body, and heart to serve spiritual growth.

If we approach spirituality without healing and aligning mind, body, and heart, he says, we miss an important evolutionary opportunity. In many of us, mind takes over with its control-based schemes and fears. In some, heart takes over and we feel without being grounded, leaving us prone to being puddles, emotionally speaking. If the body takes over, it’s a different kind of imbalance that we need to resolve.

The mp3 is 99 minutes and is, essentially, a meditation to ground and open the heart. Attendee questions on balancing the influence of mind are included after Djehuty explains the teaching, as the power of the mind in many is what confuses and stymies spiritual growth and connection to spirit and the wisdom of soul.

Order the mp3 here. Listen to it when you have time to be in a meditative space, as it is most certainly not for driving and operating other heavy machinery. Djehuty’s energy on this mp3 intends to affect your consciousness in a positive way, so make time to listen when you can relax to take it all in.

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