The Body Speaks in Mysterious Ways & Auralite 23

Yesterday I had an insanely intense sinus attack, which I’ve had over the years for various reasons. Sometimes it’s seasonal with vegetation coming into the mix, sometimes I’m eating something my body does not like. In Tucson, we’re building toward monsoon season, which means it’s more humid in general and it rains periodically, so there’s definitely a potential for a vegetative source this time. Meds don’t help (unless I want to take something every day, which I don’t), I’ve found, because it comes on so suddenly and then the tissues lining my sinus cavities are immediately made raw, and it’s the topical irritation that makes the sneezing continue.

Last night in bed, after sneezing violently 70ish times throughout the day and experiencing my nose as a running faucet (meds don’t help with that, either), my dead grandfather came to me and told me that I had been in need of shaking something loose from my 5th and 6th chakras (throat and mind, respectively), so I could connect with him and other dead relatives again on a more consistent basis. I’d been hanging out with Archangel Metatron for a long time, and that’s been shifting to be less often, and I guess there’s space I wasn’t noticing.

I asked him why, and he replied that I’ve been making great strides with aligning intentionally with a higher vibration than some of my fear-based subpersonalities would choose, and I need their support to keep progressing. It used to be that he came through every time I felt alone and unloved. He would rush in and, as much as the spirit of a deceased person could, hug me. Always I felt better and reassured. That was his job for a few years, but it’s been much less the last few as I’ve spent a lot of time with Metatron.

Auralite 23 WandsSome of the alignment-with-higher-vibration story is told through the text and 6 audio diaries (mp3s) on my new auralite 23 page. I’m going through more rounds of learning about consciously aligning with higher vibrations so I can energetically charge auralite 23 wands (pictured here). The first set of 11 will be charged by the end of July, and you can preorder yours at the link above.

The body will manifest what’s going on in your energy field and consciousness. In this case, I needed to reopen to some of my guides I haven’t been hanging out with much (for no particular reason), and my body needed to be … I guess rocked so something energetic could be shaken loose.

A few weeks ago I had what appeared to be food poisoning. Between two bouts of harshcore vomiting, I cried the tears of a 2-year old, a part of me I’d been trying to bring to the surface. The purging shook something loose in my 4th (heart) chakra, and the part was able to express those old feelings.

The takeaway: Trust the messages and calls of your body. Sometimes they won’t be comfortable or seem productive. Look between the lines of literal experience to find the symbolism of what’s happening, and stay open to seeing all that you experience as serving your evolution.

Because it always, most certainly, does.

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