On Charged Spectrolite, Part I

The experimenting and note-taking has commenced. There’s been a bit of a mental wild-goose chase with this stone the last few months. Also, I’ve spelled it wrong until the other day.

That’s fun because it’s a stone for 6th-chakra clarity.

Spectrolite rough
Spectrolite rough

In February I purchased some rough rock from a dude at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the very dude who had mined it in Finland. I cut some into small pieces and partially polished one, and this piece (pictured below) sat on my desk since February.

I’d look at it, pick it up and handle it, put it down, read about spectrolite some more … every few weeks.

I knew that the labradorescence in it is similar to labradorite yet has all the colors, hence the reference to the spectrum in the rock’s name. But there were only tiny bits of that shimmery, shiny wonderfulness in this piece. I chalked it up to it being an end piece, thinking that once I cut into it more, I’d find the great planes of minerals within that make it such a striking crystal.

rough spectrolite slabsNext came the confusion about whether it’s in fact spectrolite. The matrix (the rocky part that’s not shimmery and shiny) seems made of small balls of grey and black rock, and sometimes it looks to be larvikite (image search), a similar-looking stone from Norway. Larvikite has small bits of shimmery goodness, but the colors seem limited to silvery blues. They are gorgeous, yes, but different-looking from spectrolite.

I cut some slabs and in turning them around in bright sunlight when wet (wetness mimics the look of a final polish), I saw that it’s definitely spectrolite.

And the door opened to sit down with it and get to know its frequency.

polished spectrolite stoneWhen I sit down intentionally and begin opening to a crystal, the energetic charging process begins. It’s just how it is with me since I run Archangel Metatron’s and Ascended Master Djehuty’s energies all the time. I’m always a channel for those energies, and when I turn my attention on a rock, it gets charged. After sitting in energetic dialogue with it for a short while, I took it with me when I sat down with my girlfriend to hang out and catch up.

In Part II, I’ll describe that experience in detail. We each took a turn getting our 6th chakras opened and focused, and it was a bit of a wild ride! Our experience of using it at the grocery store today is probably going to warrant a Part III, too.