Asteroid & Centaur Class Free Intro MP3

Asteroid & Centaur Live Video ClassHear it on Soundcloud, where I’m headed as I transition out of doing The Soul’s Journey podcast. (More on that soon.)

The class begins August 4th and will teach you to use 11 archetypes (9 asteroids and 2 centaurs, listed below) in astrology charts.

The intro mp3, free for all to hear, explains the difference between myth (social instruction) and archetype (how we’re wired as spiritual-psychological beings).

The schedule:
Week 1: Ceres & Persephone (399)
Week 2: Pallas Athene & Juno
Week 3: Vesta & Lucifer (1930)
Week 4: Eros (433), Lilith (1181), & Arjunsuri (20300)
Week 5: Chiron & Nessus

Adding these stories to your chart work deepens your ability to reach clients in meaningful ways! So much richness emerges when we use more spiritual-psychological vocabulary words with these archetypes in charts.