Virgo New Moon Meditation MP3 Now Available

2015 Virgo New Moon chartRecorded this morning, I got into Ascended Master Djehuty’s head and channeled this meditation based on the themes of this new moon solar eclipse.

Read more and order/download it here.

Channeling Djehuty these days means no change of voice. While I got used to his vibration over the course of years, he spoke through me with a somewhat altered voice. Now, there’s a seamless connection, meaning that he can speak through me with less effort and energy expended on my part. It also means that it’s no longer as noticeable to clients and students when he’s speaking! They might pick up on altered sentence structure or word choice, but they also might not.

I’m doing these channeled meditations for each lunation. They’re a perk (free) for subscribers to my monthly service and $5 for everyone else. Each one will connect you a higher vibration, and doing that means energies and perspectives that are no longer needed can’t help but begin to move out.

Connecting with Djehuty’s level of wisdom is good on all levels, and these semimonthly meditations are a great way to stay connected to him while you work through the themes of each lunation with conscious intent.

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