Intuitive Skills Development Level I Begins 15May16

The next round of this life-changing course runs for 8 Sundays beginning May 15, 2016.

I’m teaching this more often these days for a very important reason: You are ready to move through what disempowers, frightens, and hurts you.

And it can’t be done by thinking and talking, and then thinking and talking some more about it. It doesn’t happen through rehashing the past and continually restating why you believed the disempowering thing happened in the first place.

You need to reorient how you view life:
You need to view your life as your soul does.

It’s done through upgrading your consciousness, through replacing the lens through which you view your life and all that has happened to you. It happens through stepping into fear, anger, and despair and transforming them into love.

What’s happened to you in your life could only happen if your soul needed it for growth. Why not get the inside scoop on the wisdom of your soul now and transform that painful past into power now?

This is not hyperbole, and it’s not wishful thinking. My vision of soul is not some flowery misty thing that wants you to be happy and safe. No, my vision of soul comes from a grounded ascended master and a seriously transformative archangel who plainly and kindly tell us our deepest truths so that we can bring the power of the divine love of soul into 3D. This vision of soul teaches you to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life, recognizing that your soul set out challenges for you to learn to go from fear into love.

Ready to transform all that hurts into love? Read the flier for details, hear the free mp3 introduction to get a sense of the vibe of the class and important info on symbolic sight, a cornerstone of intuition. Then be in touch with questions.

As I told a Scorpio-North Node client last night, my Sun-in-Scorpio commitment is to tell you uncomfortable truths about you because I care about you and your journey. We’re ready to go from perceiving that we’re powerless to finding out a new definition of power and how to use it wisely and back it with the love of our divine selves, just waiting to be activated.