August 2016: Family and the Conspiracy of Love Healing Intensive

Family and the Conspiracy of Love bannerThis August, I’ll host and teach a healing intensive for a small group in Tucson to explain soul and the soul-level family agreements that create family.

After soul and these agreements are covered, we’ll get to the bottom of each attendee’s story. Our aim will include to reframe for you why your soul chose your family so that you can release the debris, pain, and confusion about why your life has been and is the way it is.

Your soul has a plan for you to learn about becoming the source of love for yourself, and other souls are recruited to help you learn. Family is the core team supporting you in this growth, no matter what the 3D circumstances between personalities look like.

This will take place August 25-28, 2016 in Tucson, AZ for 8 attendees. The rest of the details are in the flier.

For years I’ve been doing this work individually with clients when family issues come up, and I taught a phone class a few years ago for a handful of people one-on-one. But this is a healing intensive including channeling your soul’s intentions to reveal the agreements in place, and meditation and energy work to shift things under the surface as you learn the truth about why your family is the way it is. I’ll also view your astrology chart as Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) does to help you upgrade your conception of why your family is the way it is.

My goal is to teach and support you in bringing the wisdom of soul into your life. Once you understand why these soul-level agreements are in place, you can respond to the reality of family issues (even the most difficult and painful ones) with the wisdom of soul.

Everything that happens to you happens for a reason! You are empowered when you overcome all victimhood and see/embrace the truth. This healing intensive will provide tools and support to do and move out old energies that have been keeping you stuck or otherwise getting in the way.