Larimar Update

I just returned from Denver, which was a trip with some vacation and some work. Mostly I went to visit some art museums and write my own kind of poetry-like writing in response to it, a Neptune-Mercury-Moon in Sagittarius/3rd sextile Pluto-Venus in Libra/12th feature of me. It’s been years since I’ve let that part of me breathe, so I went to see the Clyfford Still Museum primarily, as abstract expressionism tends to inspire me. There aren’t that many single-artist museums, and nothing as absolutely rad like this one, and I had to go.

But I also went to get more larimar, the amazing stone I first experienced in February this year at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I met Charlie Mark there and purchased some small slabs to polish and charge, and the effects have been amazing. Also a bit challenging, but more on that later. Charlie lives near Denver and it seemed the right trip at the right time for multiple reasons.

20160425_145627I sorted through bins containing hundreds of small slabs he laid out for me, some of which are pictured here. At first I chose small pieces, the size I had purchased in February, which feel to me really good for pendants … but I don’t want to make only pendants from them. I realized that I was being afraid about the investment, as larimar is more expensive than other stones I’ve worked with, so I was picking small pieces so as not to spend “too much.”

It’s more expensive than anything else I’ve worked with, but it’s also more powerful. Beginning with sorting through those bins, I saw how some self-confidence issues I have that are expressed through my relationship with money are being brought up by the larimar.

20160425_145637Its basic message to me is, “To what are you surrendered?” I’ve had some inspiring experiences in that realm using and charging it (here’s an audio file of me channeling while charging the first set), but this was broader and deeper. Sometimes when people pay me for an energetically charged stone or crystal, the effect begins immediately, before I even mail it. There’s something about committing energy (money) to something that can begin its energetic effect on you. And I went to Charlie’s committed to buying more larimar.

Thus far, there was one big moment of that surrender bit and numerous smaller moments each day. I’ve been carrying three little larimar slabs with me almost always, letting their vibration remind me of what Paul Martin (mentioned below) told me is “the higher path” regarding his own experience with it. But this thing about money for me is deep, and in many ways contributes to how my life has unfolded.

So, I stood there, rooting through bins, holding wet slabs up to the light to look for cracks, realizing that a major block is ready to be removed. I put back all the very small pieces and began picking out the sizes that felt right to me, choosing to have confidence that what felt right and true is right and true. After figuring out what the group that felt right would cost – also deciding that my original budget had been based in fear of investing in something expensive – I saw some small partially tumbled pieces on another table and chose 4.

20160428_212518A pic of all of them together is here. The day I took it, I sat with all the slabs in my hand until I felt the vibration moving through my entire body, the stones themselves responding to my vibration and almost pulsating. And I was not even energetically charging them, which will boost the effect significantly. If you hang out with a stone it will have an effect at some point (if that stone is for you), but the way I charge them makes the effect immediate and makes sure reorganizing, clearing, and healing energy moves directly into your body.

My job now is to work with what’s coming up and document my experience so I you can have an idea of what to expect with these powerful stones. They do clear negative energy but more importantly, they make you aware of what in a given moment you are vibrating or about to vibrate. I’ll begin cutting and polishing them this week as part of my process.

On the way out of Denver yesterday I stopped in Salida, CO, where Charlie’s friend Paul Martin owns a crystal shop (see a video of Paul in the shop – at 8:18 he mentions larimar briefly). It turns out Paul is connected to Djehuty and Metatron, and we speak the same language, though Charlie didn’t know that. Charlie recommended I go there because for Paul, everything about crystals is in the energy, which it is for me, too.

I asked him questions about his 30+ years in the business and his personal process, and also about some crystals I hadn’t gotten to know before.  I told him about my process with a crystal, to spend time with it and see what it evokes and what happens in my consciousness, and he does the same thing. So, I know a ton about the energetic effects of a dozen kinds and can teach people to use them for all kindsa clearing, release, and confidence-building, but there were so many crystals in his shop I knew nothing about.

Ultimately I was drawn to two rhodochrosite wands, a pink/4th-chakra stone that feels different from pink opal. I started time with them yesterday and if something substantial develops, I’ll share it here or on SoundCloud. I’m still in the larimar field, and it feels like the rhodochrosite pieces are to complement that process.

Check out the variety of energetically-charged crystals and stones I currently offer. They emanate clearing, empowering energy of me combined with either Ascended Master Djehuty or Archangel Metatron.

I begin working with something to address a particular issue, and then develop a teaching around using that crystal to help heal that issue. All of these stones will alter and clear the energetic pathways in you related to the life issues they’re charged to address.