Charged Labradorite: Seeing the Sources of Patterns

20160510_083959Labradorite is my featured charged stone of the month. Every few days I’m posting information about how using it will affect you, how to benefit from it, and how it’s different from regular labradorite you can get anywhere. When I energetically charge a stone, its effects differ from if you bought the stone from anyone else, so some teaching about each of the stones I currently offer is in order.

After posts one and two, now we can get to the meaty part of the charged labradorite story. This post will be on how charged labradorite enhances symbolic sight, allowing you to be able to see the whys of difficult patterns in your life.

Symbolic sight is defined by Caroline Myss as seeing a thing and its cause simultaneously. It’s all about the 6th chakra, the mind and intuition center of your energy field. Also called the 3rd eye, it’s about literal, 3D seeing as well as symbolic seeing.

20160510_084050Use of regular labradorite over time will increase intuition, which means getting non-linear, perhaps non-logical information about what’s going on in your life. I agree with Myss’s definition of intuition (from Anatomy of the Spirit) relating to having energetic information and being able to act upon it in the moment. Using charged labradorite will stabilize and speed up this process considerably.

Using this charged stone, you can stop stressing about that thing that keeps happening, or that thing those people keep saying to you. Due to your nature as an energetic being, assume that everything in your life is happening for a reason. There’s nothing in your world that isn’t a manifestation of what you’re vibrating.

Living consciously as an energetic being means taking responsibility for all that’s in our lives, but we still have personalities and minds that get annoyed and are hurt by certain things. Annoyance and pain are part of the human process, but ultimately do not lead us further down any evolutionary path. We have to process and move through them to get where we want to go.

Once you recognize there’s a pattern, charged labradorite can open a door for you to see the source of it, the symbolism of why it’s happening. In my experience, this has reduced stress in real and major ways.

An example: Within the last year or two, my mom started telling me at the end of each phone call, “Be safe,” which annoyed me. My brain felt that it was something fear-related and it bothered me. Every time I talk to her she does it … but only after a certain point. Using charged labradorite, I was able to see that she’s thinking all the time about being safe because of some falls over the last few years, and so I shouldn’t take it personally. Now when she says it, I know she means well and it doesn’t stress me at all.

That’s a minor example, but there are big ones, too. In my relationship with my girlfriend, all the time things come up that are hard. I have Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra/12th and Chiron in the 7th house, so I kind of expect to have some things come up. But this relationship has brought up a literal shit ton of difficult stuff for me to understand, process, and release.

20160510_083928I’ve used charged labradorite to develop patience with that process. I’ll carry one with me for days or weeks when something is bothering me, and I choose to relax open to see the energetic/symbolic source of what’s going on. I still get frustrated at times but when I use the labradorite, I can come back to a calm state because I’m in touch with the bigger picture of why I’m manifesting frustration.

This happens usually after days or weeks with it in a pocket, next to my pillow, and on my desk. I’ll also hold it when I’m sitting around doing nothing or thinking. Often it’s a flash of insight after asking questions and then living my life. My ability to see the symbolism – the charged labradorite’s ability to open my 3rd eye – rests upon if I’m willing to relax to see the truth.

If you’re not relaxed and trusting that there is an answer, what we call your left brain is generating stress. When you relax and go about your business, the labradorite can stimulate the energy pathway to balance the two kinds of mind (explored in post two) and open the 3rd eye as the two minds work together. Then, a sudden flash will reveal what’s going on.

And this is where I wanted to get in this series of posts: Once you see it and feel the truth of it, you can make a decision to change the root vibration that’s manifesting as whatever has been frustrating you.

This is the best use of your mind. The way you’ve been conditioned, it thinks it’s in charge and has likely convinced you that it is who you really are. In balancing the two sides of mind and grounding them in your body, charged labradorite can help you repurpose your mind as a crucial advisor but not in charge of everything.

LA049 1Having access to intuitive information means also having logic, but always being aware that there is a symbolic source behind what’s happening. This enables you to more consciously and intentionally manage your life, something most of us do not do because we’re seduced by the fears, worries, regrets, and concerns of the linear, logical mind.

Stay tuned for more on charged labradorite, and check out the pieces currently available. All who get a charged stone from me can stay in touch over email with questions and comments if any come up.