Programmed Crystals Update: Sea Jasper, Auralite 23, & Larimar

For info on why I’ve been devoting so much time and energy to energetically programmed stones and crystals, see this video (20 mins.).

Here are some updates on 3 current offerings:

sj039Sea Jasper: The featured stone for the month of Libra (starting 22Sep16), great for surrendering to what’s happening and going with the flow. It’s a Neptunian vibe perfect for those of us who control things from fear and can’t get with the current of energy and life that surrounds us.

In the coming days I’ll record a video telling this story in more depth. During Libra, massage wands and the new boulders (large, free-form polished pieces) are on sale to encourage you to experience the peaceful state that comes from surrender.

au032Auralite 23: A crystal for connecting with higher truth and letting go of the inner voice of judgment and criticism. I’ve added new pieces including a few larger ones and a number of smaller pieces perfect for small containers of water. Drinking it will powerfully alter your vibration from the inside out! It’s a wonderful and serious tool for opening to what life and the universe have to offer, getting out of the limiting confines of the fear-based mind.

lm016Larimar: A 5th-chakra stone for upgrading what you align your personal power with, programmed larimar will reveal to you if you’ve enthroned anger, sadness, resentment, regret, guilt, and/or shame as truth. My larimar will help you catch yourself before that thought or sentence takes full shape, and you can make a better choice.

See all the programmed crystals and stones I currently offer.