From the new/forthcoming channeled book Slavery and Soul

Slavery and Soul Table of Contents
Slavery and Soul Table of Contents

Slavery and Soul will be the 6th book from Ascended Master Djehuty channeled by me.

I’ll release it October 6, and in the mean time will share some excerpts from book, such as this one from the section “Four Truths”:

Slavery is one of the realities on your planet that inspires a tremendous amount of pain in large groups of people across the centuries. This pain can run so deep that most are not sure how to let it into consciousness, let alone heal it. Anger is a most common response to pain, and I encourage you to commit to viewing and interpreting all anger as a response to – and, ultimately, covering over or masking – pain. This will help you see how to be less distracted by the fire and drama of anger so that you can get through to the pain behind it. You have the option to feel less on the defensive when anger is present in the world around you or in yourself so that something productive can come out of the experience of feeling it. As I have elucidated elsewhere,[1] all of your soul’s lives’ records are in your emotional body now. If you respond to the reality of slavery with anger, this is okay. Know that this is natural because you have experienced slavery from both sides of the story at various junctures on the Earth timeline. But please be committed to remembering that remaining angry will not let you get to the source of the pain, which is of deep disempowerment, the deepest sense of powerlessness that humans can carry and feel. Please decide that you are stronger than this anger and pain because you can choose to generate love through compassionate acceptance and gratitude. Some life situations – and this definitely includes slavery – are harder nuts to crack by getting back to love, but the process results in the most rewarding experience any human can have: Reuniting with the Divine within through choosing to align with and embody Divine love.

[1] Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond. Available as a stand-alone volume and included in Djehuty Speaks.

Stay tuned for more! This important book is relevant for all humans, as we all carry the multilife debris of slavery from so many lifetimes on Earth trying to figure out what power is and where to get it.