On Energy is Money is Energy – Karma between people: Perceived energetic credit and debt

A woman who recently heard the Energy is Money is Energy intro mp3 and is taking the course sent me this question:

Regarding the idea of emotional credit and debt and “I / they don’t owe anyone anything” – – so as I listen to you talk about that, I experience an energetic resonance of some kind, yet I also recognize that the law of karma often requires us to address what we owe ourselves and each other, based on past actions and experiences together. So how do we deal with what seems to be the dualism of that?

My response:

good question.

i understand/work with karma between people as perceived energetic credit and debt. from the soul’s point of view, we’re not actually owing anyone, no matter what as humans we or they have done. the souls support each other unquestioningly in pursuit of each other’s evolution, providing opportunities to learn to go from fear/pain into love/faith.

the truth of it seems to me to be that all relationships can be healed through each person owning his or her role in the relationship and releasing the other of being responsible for his or her sense of safety and security, feeling loved or validated, etc.

so, when we stimulate someone’s evolutionary growth through doing something that brings up pain for that person, the souls are watching to see what each person will do: will he or she choose to view the situation through a lens of fear, or faith/love? and vice versa, when others do things that stir us.

the “perceived” bit is that personality and ego are set up to do things that inspire judgment of self and other, and our human journeys are in large part to learn to grow beyond personality’s need to be right or feel wronged by embracing the power of love/compassion/forgiveness/giving self and other the benefit of the doubt/acceptance/compassion.

The course covers energetic and emotional blocks to giving and receiving energy, which manifest in our lives as money issues.

Students receive channeled affirmations to work with and journal about for a week before each class call, then in the calls I use their astrology charts to personalize the channeled teachings based on their karmic journeys and outline practical steps to shift energy, so that money flow is shifted.

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