Resources: Healing Sexual Violence

In this new free audio I list and explain the resources I’ve created over the years that help people clear and release the residues of sexual violence.

Even if we haven’t experienced such violence in this life, it’s possible that we can carry the imprints of experiences from other lives.

We are, after all, multidimensional. And the toughest stuff from other parts of the Earth timeline (what we usually call past lives) has for the last few years been coming up to be dealt with. See my videos on the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar from a few years ago for more how that event was in fact the beginning of a healing/empowering process for us as multidimensional beings, as consciousness that exists across time.

The resources covered are books, energetically programmed stones, and channeled audio of a few kinds.

We’re in a long-term rebalancing process as we choose to begin honoring the natural feminine within ourselves and the world around us. Healing thousands of years of imbalanced sexual expression is part of that process.