Soul’s Journey Soundbite MP3 Readings Available Again

A Soul’s Journey Soundbite is a 20-minute mp3 overview of your karmic journey, covering the major themes of your multilife journey.

Pluto, the South Node, the South Node ruler by sign, and the North Node are explained, along with numerous suggestions about how to shift your perspective and energy to change areas of your life that might not be working so well.

We’re all replaying our multilife beliefs about ourselves, the world, others, relationship, work – everything. But we can shift our vibration by changing our mind about why things happen to us.

Soundbites reveal the intentions your soul has for your life, so they’re potent tools for spiritual evolution.

I love doing them, and listeners often hear them again and again because I frankly cram as much useful info into the 20 minutes as possible. As a Soundbite covers the major themes of your life, you’ll find yours relevant long after you first receive it.

Many use it to sample my energy and approach, contacting me after hearing it to focus on deeply unraveling something difficult in their lives. Many also give these mp3 readings as gifts.

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