Metatron Tiger Iron “Towers”

These tiger iron pieces are energetically programmed with Archangel Metatron’s energy.

If you’re not familiar with that name, Metatron is an intense figure who insists on integrity and self-respect. When I’ve worked with him, he’s primarily reflected to me a better version of myself that I can, in this and every moment, choose to be.

He respects our free will, yet teaches that we become empowered when we make decisions based in self-respect.

For a long time, he would stare at me after I asked a question, leading me to realize again and again that I already knew the answer, but maybe didn’t feel empowered to trust myself. Then, after years working with him, he started talking through me just a bit to some clients at key moments.

Those times were when that person was ready to go to the next level in his or her evolution by really and truly owning the power to choose. He would remind them that they know the difference between the disempowering patterns that have created suffering and the truth of what they need to do for themselves now to move beyond it.

I’ve been putting his energy into tiger iron pieces for a couple of years. They’re more intense and focusing than Djehuty tiger irons, and this is intentional. The Djehuty pieces (all those toward the top of  my tiger iron page – those without “Metatron” in the caption) are specifically programmed to activate and clear the lower 3 chakras.

The Metatron pieces are for filling in gaps all over your energy field. They will ground you like the others, but will also infuse your field with a unifying energy meant to connect all parts of you together. More wholeness and ability to act when necessary can result, as well as confidence and self-trust.

I’ve just created a half dozen new Metatron “towers,” larger pieces polished on one side to sit on a desk or table. They anchor this empowering frequency in a room, leaving all who spend time in it and walk through it often affected, even if they don’t notice it at first.

They’re great for anyone feeling scattered due to the lingering effects of trauma, issues with substances, grief and loss, self-doubt, and many other things. Metatron’s energy is about recognizing the power you have to make the right choices for yourself, and one of these pieces will help you put your finger on your own power. They’re also great for people so energetically sensitive that they draw spirits and other unwanted followers who don’t seem to respect energetic boundaries. For that matter, these tiger irons also help with the confidence to assert boundaries with living people, too!

In Hebrew/Jewish mythology, Metatron is said to be one of two humans who were transformed into angels. The process involved burning off the human elements of doubt, pain, fear, and other things that kept him from being his divine self. As I’ve worked with him, he presents with a face made of flame, and he represents focusing on releasing debris and inhabiting your divine power.

When you’re dealing with loss, grief, and other painful emotions, you have to honor them. But there comes a time when you have to take charge of feeding yourself and your energy field, making positive steps toward healing and releasing the past, and moving on intentionally. These Metatron pieces can help you find the strength to move forward in this way.

In addition to a number of pocket-sized pieces, there are two of these larger towers on my site now, and I’ll add more in the coming days as I program more.