New Programmed Crystals: Moldavite, Larimar pendants, Dendritic Opal

This week I’ve posted new energetically programmed moldavite pieces (including a sterling silver pendant), three new larimar sterling silver pendants, and dendritic opal pieces.

If you’re not familiar with this side of my work, or are curious about the rationale and processes related to energetically programming crystals and stones, see this video.

Moldavite is a potent spiritual transformer. When you’re ready to go to the next level, it will call to you. It’s important to get moldavite only when you know with certainty that you’re ready. My programmed moldavite will change the shape of your energy field (and therefore consciousness), enabling you to leave behind limiting conceptions and beliefs and step into a more spiritually-aligned expression.

Larimar is a beautiful stone to help you align with what’s true, ensuring that negative or false beliefs aren’t installed as Truth in your 5th chakra, the chakra of surrender and alignment. Using my larimar, you’ll catch yourself before expressing or acting on anything that isn’t aligned with your highest good.

Dendritic opal is a soothing, integrating stone. It will help you make peace with aspects of yourself you don’t know how to own, and will help you smooth over integration of any other-life selves who surface or return to you. Dendritic opal relates to all 7 chakras.