Sunday, 28May17: Phoenix Psychic Fair

I’ll do minireadings and have energetically programmed crystals and books for sale at the Phoenix Psychic Fair tomorrow, May 28th.

My readings are intuitive and guided, meaning that I tap into the information your spirit guides have for you and I read you on multiple levels at once. That can include other-life or childhood issues that have bubbled to the surface and need resolution, or general blocks in your chakras/energy field that need attention.

One of my favorite things about doing fairs and expos is teaching people the importance of getting grounded and fully inhabiting their lower chakras to advance spiritually. We think it’s about going into the upper chakras, but strength,  confidence, and self-love – true connectors to the wisdom of soul – can only be authentically developed when beginning with the lower chakras daily and then building upward.

To support you in this process, I’ll have a full range of the energetically programmed crystals and stones I produce.

The crystals are programmed with particular frequencies that mesh with or augment what the crystal would normally do. All crystals can affect you energetically when you’re ready for what they offer, and I put into mine energies to support healing processes in specific ways.

When I do an energy work session for you, something will shift, but the session will end. You’re free to go back to old patterns, and sometimes it happens. It’s not because you’re doing something wrong, but because you’ve become conditioned. Old habits – including those that instill and reinforce limiting beliefs – are hard to change.

With a programmed crystal or stone, you’ll receive a constant energy pulse to help you change your habit. Watch a video explaining this rationale and process in more detail.

At fairs like the one in Phoenix tomorrow, I offer to do prescriptions for people to shift, resolve, and heal specific life issues.

That’s another favorite aspect of fairs and expos for me: I love tuning into someone asking me for that kind of help (always with permission!) and seeing the energetic shift when they pick up the right crystal. It’s about finding the frequency that’s needed for them to begin resolving the tension and stress in their lives, and it’s so important that we all know that tools exist that can help us change out of what doesn’t feel good or right.

At this point I have 15 different programmed stones and crystals. 11 are on my site now. I have a handful that are either new, like variegated/blue-yellow tiger eye for 3rd chakra empowerment, or that I’m reintroducing, like mookaite, a 6th chakra stone to help you go with the flow and connect to messages from your guides.

I’ve created a YouTube playlist of all of my crystals videos. You can learn about how I program and work/live with specific crystals including moldavite, auralite 23, tiger iron, sea jasper, and more.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel with an active global practice. A Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program (member since 2004), Tom offers consultations, ongoing coaching, tutoring, and a new series of Evolutionary Astrology classes to teach you to do astrology in the ways taught to him by an ascended master. 16 books, 2 natal reports, energetically programmed crystals, and dozens of astrology and channeled/healing mp3s are available from Tom via