More Programmed Yellow Jasper Posted

Seven of the eight programmed yellow jasper pieces in the first set sold in two days, so I went back to the grinding wheel – literally – to cut and polish more.

I made these to help boost your ability to take advantage of the Leo new moon solar eclipse taking place on August 21st. In my mind it’s about trusting your gut about what makes you happy and what gift within you you can bring out to the world in ways that support and grow self-esteem.

The eclipse is conjunct asteroid Persephone (399), and so there’s an added theme of needing to abduct yourself into maturity about self-expression re your joy and that gift you have to give the world. Persephone within us is perpetually 12-13 years old and wants to grow up, but isn’t sure how. Either a tall, dark stranger comes along to snatch us out of immaturity or we choose to step into maturity voluntarily, which takes courage and fortitude, two 3rd-chakra qualities.

Self-confidence is an issue associated with the 3rd chakra, the seat of personal power. And many people who carry or dance with guilt, shame, regret, and self-doubt may not be able to hear their gut instinct, let alone trust it.

Here’s a video I made on this topic, including more on the 3rd chakra, the programmed yellow jasper, and programmed shiva lingams (the price of which I’ve dropped for this eclipse).

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