New Programmed Moldavite for High-level Transformation

I’ve posted a new set of energetically programmed moldavite pieces, amazing spiritual transformers that will help you train yourself to overcome limitations, blocks, and doubts.

Moldavite changes the shape of your energy field, making less to no room for negativity and powerlessness while you use it. Then when you take a break from it, you have a chance to recognize the parts of you carrying those energies and alter your relationship with them.

You can’t ever banish or remove negative aspects of yourself, and you shouldn’t ever shame them. I recommend making friends with them so they feel welcome but know that you’re in charge, but with some the process of getting to know them – and hearing their complaints and disempowered stories over and over again – you may feel overwhelmed at times. Moldavite will help you create some empowered distance from them while developing more confidence to stop them from taking over and leaving you feel derailed.

Moldavite was formed around 14.8 million years ago when a meteorite crashed into the Earth in what is now southeastern Germany. The molten fireball that resulted bounded off the surface of the planet and showered over into the neighboring area that is now the Czech Republic. So, moldavite is a tektite, or glass. It doesn’t have any part of the meteorite in it but definitely has unique, off-world, alien energy in it.

Its off-world energy will help you adapt to a different view of yourself and your place on Earth, as well as your personal history and conditioning. What if you chose not to be limited by what you believe is going to happen next? What if you hold your highest good in mind and heart always, choosing to let go of past fears, shame, guilt, and doubt instead of carrying them into creating your future? What if you were to let yourself embody the state of divine love, acceptance, and surety that is the true nature of your soul?

The claims made by some people about the miracles of moldavite can seem a bit too much, not to mention ungrounded. But if you are comfortable grounding, it’s an intense, amazing, opening crystal to work with. After a couple of years working progressively with it (a little, then a little more, then more, etc.), I can affirm that the claims of amazingness are true.

I began working 2+ years ago with a 5-gram piece. It took a while to adjust to its energy because as it changes the shape of your field, it’s changing the shape of your consciousness, and status quos that don’t work for and don’t serve you will begin to be disturbed. In the short term, you might have headaches or weird stomach/intestinal feelings when you first pick one up. Many report a rush of heat through their hearts or bodies, which is the crystal reflecting to you what’s going on in your energy field and surging a powerful charge to let you know things can be different.

Use it a little and then put it down when you need to, and then come back to it. More than other crystals, moldavite will seem to you like the greatest thing ever when it’s time for you to work with it, and then just okay when it’s time to put it down. But it will call to you again when you need its high-vibrating medicine, and then you’ll reconnect.

This page lists the energetically programmed moldavite I currently have available. Two are 5 grams, several are 8-11 grams, and one is 29 grams, pictured at left. Even just energetically programming it this last week I went through a major shift! Every time I program moldavite I get more info on my own healing process because the energy feeds back into me as I program it, but this was an important shift I will not soon forget.

Check out a video I made comparing the effects and potentials of moldavite versus auralite 23, another high-vibrating crystal I use to connect to the higher self and shift my relationship with inner negative parts of self.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel with an active global practice. A Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program (member since 2004), Tom offers consultations, ongoing coaching, tutoring, and a new series of Evolutionary Astrology classes to teach you to do astrology in the ways taught to him by an ascended master. 16 books, 2 natal reports, energetically programmed crystals, and dozens of astrology and channeled/healing mp3s are available from Tom via