Repost: Resources for Healing Sexual Violence

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs provides a list of resources for healing sexual violence of all kinds.

Included is a series of books he’s written and channeled, energetically programmed crystals and stones, and channeled energy work/meditation audio files that can help those carrying the effects of sexual violence heal, resolve, release, and move beyond those histories.

Learn more about all of these resources at Contact Tom with questions about what resources and tools might be right for you at

Listen for free here.

If you are ready to work through any sort of painful past or present issues including channeling and energy work, Tom is offering a deal on 3 hours of coaching hours.

Deal: Regularly $375 for 3 hours, currently this package is $300. Clear the energies of other people out of your field, remove debris from the past, and bring fragmented parts of self back to center so you can be whole again.

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