During Taurus and Gemini: New and Renewing Yearly Subscribers Get A Bonus

During the solar months of Taurus and Gemini (April 19 – June 21, 2018), when you subscribe to my evolutionary astrology forecasting service for a year, I’ll give you a $70 credit toward channeled and astrology audio, audio courses, and/or ebooks and paperbacks.

Subscribing yearly already has you paying for 11 months and getting 12 ($319 instead of $348).

And so but here’s a key thing: All audio (save one audio course – The Chakra Course) and paperbacks are half off for my subscribers. So, except for that course, you’re actually getting more like $140 in credit.

To be clear, you’ll pay $319 during Taurus or Gemini and get $459 in channeled insight and astrological analysis and teaching from me.

This is open to:

  • New subscribers
  • My current monthly subscribers who want to transition to a yearly subscription
  • My current yearly subscribers who want to renew now to get this bonus, even if their renewal time is months away

Recently I posted to YouTube the analysis subscribers received of the Libra full moon from late March. Watch the excerpt below and check out my YouTube channel for other subscriber video excerpts to get a sense of the depth I go into for my subscribers every month:

Be in touch with questions, and read more about the service and sign up yearly.