K2 Crystal Diary 1

In early March I picked up two smallish pieces of K2 at a metaphysical fair, just drawn to them clearly and immediately. After paying for them and walking back to my table, I felt amazing.

It was a bit similar to when I first picked up a handful of larimar pieces at a gem show, when I felt I might fly up into the air from a joy overload to the sound of an ascending slide whistle.

But with K2, I was grounded. So, I felt my field rise in vibration immediately, but while I was still anchored fully in my body. I’ve worked hard to cultivate that kind of effect over years, getting consistently grounded so that different things don’t take me out of sanity, clarity, and confidence. But to pick up a stone and feel that so quickly was intriguing.

By the time I got back to my table with the stones in my hand, my voice was huge. It was almost leaping out of me, bounding into the large convention hall just saying “hello” to people. I felt my 5th chakra open but also full, and a bit overflowing. The feeling was wonderful.

I purchased over 20 smaller pieces shortly after, smaller than the two I first bought, and programmed all of them, sitting with them in my hands, meeting the vibration they’re giving off, and sending more of it into the stone. This is part of how I learn about a stone while it also activates them to do what they do much more quickly and stronger than usual.

Since my first impression was so positive, I had faith that I could use these for something particular and offer them to others as healing tools. For two months I’ve been reading what people online have to say about them, and looking for a thread that makes sense to me given my experience.

Finding a Thread; Making a Connection
But there’s an issue: When I pick them up I feel amazing, but I don’t think and plan the way I normally do. Or, better said, I’m not inclined to be mental and verbal in my usual ways. As a result, I haven’t been sure how to articulate what they do or what you can expect if you get a programmed K2 from me.

But there’s progress: Tonight I realized that my normal groove the last number of months has been the focus and clarity of programmed moldavite, which I’ve been using every single day for a quite a while. Moldavite has a forward-looking, forward-nudging energy to it (I feel it related to the expansiveness and hopefulness of Sagittarius/Jupiter). I can imagine scenarios and intuitively pick the ones it’s right to follow and manifest.

With K2, however, I feel high-vibrating and aligned as a column between spirit and matter (the granite in it is grounding, while the azurite raises your vibration), and it feels simply awesome. I feel like I can do anything, yet it’s a kind of fully-present thing, not forward-looking, not active or productive.

The last couple of days I’ve been nudged by spirit to hold them and do some imagination work just as I’ve done with programmed moldavite so often for so long. Tonight I began to see how K2 offers simply a different nudge to the shape of consciousness than moldavite does, and I’m simply accustomed to moldavite.

I’ve wondered if K2 is best used to return to positivity when I get off track, or to remind myself that I can vibrate very highly even when I’m in a week-long processing of some emotional/karmic issue that requires feeling less than positive. It’s been good for that in not forcing me to forget or ignore the feelings but bringing in an empowered, high energy that I feel all throughout my body and field.

What They Say
K2 is said to help you reach your highest potential on this 3D plane, and I feel that to be true. The grounding effect is very important and actually is “softer” than the grounding of tiger iron and hematite, which lend a seriousness and, frankly, a heaviness to being in the body. Most of us do need that heaviness to remind us to get and stay in our bodies, so it’s not at all a bad thing.

K2 is also said to help you access the Akashic Records, which I already do all the time. Also it’s said to help channels get higher messages and sort through what’s true in those communications, which I already am in practice in daily. So those two things I can’t personally test out. And I don’t get headaches due to psychic blockages, another thing it’s said to help.

As it’s said to help with clear communications, I thought tonight I’d record this info in an audio diary, something I love doing and posting on SoundCloud. But I don’t have the push to speak and, actually, I felt/feel a bit non-verbal as I held/hold the programmed K2 for a while as I thought/think about doing this diary.

It’s not the non-verbal, placid total presence of when I first used hematite, wherein I had zero impulse or desire to use my voice. Instead, it’s a peaceful awareness that I don’t need to use my energy right now to cause my voice to bring you these ideas.

This makes me think it could help when trying to write but somehow distracted with my Sagittarius stellium (Neptune-Mercury-Moon) or my Mars-Uranus in the 1st house. Both of those can have me antsy and lose focus again and again (don’t get me started on what it’s like for me to try to follow recipes), neither of which I feel now as I sit with the K2 and relax to let it meet me.

It’s also described as having effects both hard and soft on you – physically and energetically/emotionally. The mica, feldspar, and azurite in it are soft while the granite is hard. I as write this and there’s oh-so-minor activity in the house, I realize that the grounded focus that enables writing is a bit tender, and I’m easily distracted.

It looks like the next phase of research will be about working with K2 to write but in as quiet an atmosphere as I can find.

Stay tuned for more.

Check out all my programmed crystals at tdjacobs.com. I have at least one for each chakra, and I’m happy to do prescriptions for those looking to work on/with particular life issues and want some guidance.