Intuitive Coaching Special

Whatever it is — whatever karmic baggage is coming up for you now and demands your attention — there’s a way to release, resolve, and heal.

On July 12th we had a partial solar eclipse in Cancer, emphasizing Moon energy from two angles (it was in Cancer and the Moon energy partially eclipses the Sun’s). But this lunation was also in a grand water trine with a slow (just stationed on the 10th) Jupiter in Scorpio and a recently retrograde Neptune in Pisces.

Emotions and needs may be swirling! For many, there can be various layers of energies/emotions coming up that may even seem to complete for dominance: Wait — today should I be stressed about this one thing or regretful about this other thing?! Maybe I should just hide and let them duke it out?

Jupiter’s part in this has for 4 months during its retrograde period has been about digging into the places inside us we habitually avoid. It asks for expansion through facing what’s hard to face, and many of us are trying to figure out how to navigate our internal emotional obstacle courses made manifest in front of us in the third dimension. Neptune’s trine to it is simply amplifying everything, both in terms of your individual situation and your feeling of what’s going on in the collective.

You’ve heard me harp on the importance of a consistent grounding practice, and right now the stakes are high to develop and maintain sanity. That new moon eclipse is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn, so you may perceive brick walls and impossibilities when it comes to meeting your needs and resolving emotional issues. Stress can be the result, and if we haven’t yet learned to face our issues with compassionate courage, we need to.

Intuitive Coaching Special: Right now I’m offering packages of intuitive coaching hours at $315 for 3 hours (reg. $375 or $345 for monthly subscribers) and $615 for 6 hours (reg. $690 or $630 for monthly subscribers) to support you in doing just that.

There is no limit to the number of packages you can buy. If you want to give them as a gift, it would have to be in groups of 3 or 6 (you can’t buy 6 and give 1 as a gift to someone). The success of coaching with me hinges upon repeated sessions, and 3 is the minimum to make a noticeable, lasting difference.

Intuitive coaching includes evolutionary astrology and me bringing through your spirit guides and my team (Djehuty and Metatron when appropriate) as a matter of course. You can opt for energy work, too, which is seriously transformative and deeply clearing. If you want energy work in a given hour, make sure I know at the beginning of a session so we can plan the time accordingly.

As I look at the effects my work is having on my clients, a primary one is acknowledging, transforming, and releasing emotional debris from many lifetimes that holds them down or locks them in place. My intuitive coaching work is designed to do whatever it takes to help you come out of disempowered/pain states and be free to live the life you want and need to live.

All things can be healed! Much healing involves learning to courageously, compassionately meet emotional debris from this life and many other lives and shifting your relationship with it. My coaching work is all about doing this with you so you learn to do it for yourself. After working with me for a while, you’ll be stronger and more confident, more able to nurture and care for the parts of you holding challenging emotions and memories from many lifetimes.

Read more about intuitive coaching with me, and be in touch with any questions not answered there.

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