New Website:

Recently I launched a new website to help you understand the effects of suicide on the soul and how we can heal the difficult emotional issues that can lead to it. explains first what the soul is and how it understands its human lives, then what happens at and after death. It’s intended to help those who’ve survived a loved one’s suicide understand what happened next, as well as those who have survived an attempt or felt drawn to it.

I introduce the site in a 28-minute SoundCloud mp3, including where I get my information about soul and the time between lives and why I’ve created the site.

The truth is that all things can be healed, yet many are feeling despair and hopelessness coming up from their unconscious selves — memories and emotions from other lifetimes — and we need to learn to deal with these and other difficult emotions.

If you find the information useful, share it with others. We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the need to become stronger in the face of deep pain, anger, and sorrow when they’re unearthed.