Purchase the Processing Trauma & Grief MP3 Set and Get a Programmed Onyx for the Cost of Shipping

For a limited time, when you purchase the 4-hour Processing Trauma and Grief mp3 set, I’ll throw in a programmed onyx stone for the cost of shipping. Normally $22-29 plus shipping, these programmed stones were the inspiration for the mp3 set. I will choose a tumbled programmed onyx for you.

There is a deep and deepening energy in my onyx, taking you into what hurts from trauma, chronic stress, or violence – unearthing the store of pain – while it gives you a wonderfully Plutonian boost of energy to deal with that pain.

I recommend deciding daily with my programmed onyx that you are stronger than whatever pain or fear might come up. The stone already vibrates this way and will send this confidence and strength into you. Your conscious decision helps cement that wisdom in your consciousness to change patterns and overcome old limitations that keep you feeling small or less than confident to live your life to the fullest.

The four 60-minute mp3s are recordings of me channeling Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron while doing energy work on all who listen. If you opt into the energy work as you listen (they’ll ask if they have permission to connect with you), it will reach you.

They can be used as often as you like. Some of the callers to the live events from several years ago still use these on a regular basis to unearth and integrate strength within them and clear blocks to owning their power.

Each person’s experience is unique, so I offer email support to anyone who gets a programmed stone or crystal. You can ask about the best way to use it or how to understand and address its effects.

Check out all of my programmed crystals and transformational energy work mp3s at tdjacobs.com.