New Programmed Moldavite Posted + New Channeled Meditations to Go With It

While moldavite normally is a potent spiritual transformer, a tektite with amazing energy to open your heart and focus your sense of purpose, my programmed moldavite does more. It’s giving off a frequency to get the empowering energy of the moldavite into your body and field to create lasting change.

It changes the shape of your energy field so that doubt, shame, guilt, and other negatives have less room in it, leaving you able to alter your relationship with those parts of you. This is about ceasing to be taken over by those parts of you, which helps you in, literally, every way.

I’ve just posted new programmed pieces here.

And I’ve recorded two channeled meditations to go with them. You’ll get both mp3s at no charge when you order moldavite from me. If you’ve gotten one from me in the past, you can email me and I’ll send them to you at no charge.

The first is 17 minutes, and has Ascended Master Djehuty helping you tune into the moldavite frequency, and draw it into your body intentionally. Djehuty gives you a 3rd-chakra teaching on how to maximize the benefits of my programmed moldavite, too.

The second meditation is 18 minutes. Djehuty asks you to consider what you believe is possible, and leads you through a grounding process, a 2nd technique to help you get the most out of these energetically-infused moldavite pieces.

The idea with programmed crystals is that they interrupt the status quo in your consciousness/energy field/life, breaking up old patterns and help you shift out of disempowering beliefs and blocks to self-love and -care. When I channel a meditation to go with a crystal, the point is to lead you into a deep connection with that positive energy of interruption the crystal gives off.

Read about all of my programmed crystals and stones at my site.