The Pluto Generations Course

I taught a groundbreaking course on my version of Pluto last year, The Pluto Generations Course, and it’s available for home/online study.

It covers the hows and whys of Pluto according to my unique evolutionary astrological perspective. After learning with human astrologers, I received tutoring from an ascended master on soul and astrology, specifically how a soul understands its human lives and picks it birth times/charts.

A lot of that tutoring centered on Pluto as representing the empowerment journey a soul sets out for its humans to figure out and explore. In the process, I learned invaluable information on transforming in the face of Plutonian feelings including rage, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, jealousy, despair, and others. I’ve learned how to see the soul’s wisdom in the painful scenarios that we cocreate as we learn to go from fear into love (the soul-level mission of each and every human journey), and I’ve learned how to guide people through their darkest times and emerge on the other side stronger.

The result of those years of work is a new vision of power as it relates to Pluto, one that takes us out of power over-power under dynamics and gets to the true power available to us as souls, which are portions of divine consciousness, or Goddess/God energy.

The Pluto Generations Course introduces this fresh and empowering approach to Pluto, and then takes you through the best and worst of the many lifetimes of experiences of those born with Pluto in Cancer (beginning in 1913) through Pluto in Capricorn (births happening now until 2023-2024).

I frame each generation in ways that help members of other generations understand each other better, which creates more harmony and compassion in families and other relationships. In my work, I’ve seen this proven again and again as parents understand their kids better, kids understand their parents and grandparents better, and everyone can forgive the others for just being wired the way they are.

This is powerful information central to my take on evolutionary astrology, and there are also bonus materials including the first two volumes of The Soul’s Journey trilogy (as PDF ebooks) and more.

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