Dealing Effectively With Stress: The Chakra Course

Central to my client work is teaching how to deal with difficult emotions, including stress from current events in one’s life and the world at large.

Stress comes from giving our linear, logical selves (our minds) power over us. As humans, we have been trained to give the power of self-definition to our logical selves, which puts the center of gravity in our 6th chakras (the 3rd eye, located in the center of the forehead).

But since we have also been trained to value logic over intuition (the two methods of knowing of this chakra), the 6th chakras of many are imbalanced. This includes living into and within expectations that we or the world should be a certain way, and responding with stress when we or the world is not … which it most often is not.

I developed The Chakra Course to collect all the teachings I’ve learned from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes) about how to get back into our bodies and learn to deal with stress in effective ways, as our mental selves do not know how and, in fact, don’t want to.

The emphasis in the course is on moving your conscious awareness to your lower 3 chakras on a daily basis. When you are addressing the issues associated with them, the upper 4 chakras can relax open organically, and you’re more effective in every single part of your life and respond to stress in radically different ways.

Part 1 is on the 3 lower chakras while Part 2 is on the upper 4. You can get the whole things at once, yet many prefer to get Part 1 first and work with it for a while before moving onto Part 2.

For a few years I taught a live web conference/phone course on all 7 chakras, teaching people how to shift all aspects of their lives. Yet the whole time I noticed that people needed much more time on the lower 3–sometimes much more time just on the 1st chakra–than we had in class.

And since the point is to get the lower 3 opened and moving energy (by addressing the biographical and emotional issues associated with them) to have a solid foundation, I realized that a home-study course was the only way I could really train people to live in the ways that would promote more sanity, security, and strength.

It makes sense: The lower 3 chakras have a lot to do with all that happens to us before we move out on our own. Family, safety, security, and comfort in the body relate to chakra 1. One-on-one relationships, fairness, and how we might define ourselves given how others treat us are within chakra 2. Self-esteem and our sense of personal power are in chakra 3.

Even though you’re years away from your childhood, those historical issues did and still do define what’s in your foundation.

I recommend working with Part 1 of the Chakra Course until you notice shifts in how you think of and feel about your life history. That might sound vague, but when you hear the teachings in the mp3s, you’ll understand what I mean. They’re meant to help you revisit old issues and change your relationship with them, altering your perception of why things have happened to and around you, so you can step forward with a better foundation, more empowered, and more secure in who you are your right to be here and do what your soul sent you here to do.

After you begin to feel differently about that history, then you can move onto Part 2, which is all channeled. So you need to be aware that it will directly alter your consciousness to open you up and drive further change in your life.

My clients and students who have made a commitment to this path of study never regret it! This work will change your life.

Hear the original announcement of the Chakra Course (it also includes mention of the channeled meditation/energy work mp3 sets wherein I bring through Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron).







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