Evolutionary Astrology Basics I Home Study Now Available

This important set of teachings on soul, reincarnation, and karma and how a person’s astrological birth chart reveals her or his soul’s multilife journey is now available year-round for home study.

As I’ve gotten busier over the last couple of years, fitting in EA basics classes has become a challenge. Over the last month or so, I’ve adapted this 6-part course into one you can work through on your own by adding new instructional materials and chart analysis examples.

The first four modules are video presentations, while Modules 5 & 6 take you into the first stages of practice with astrological birth charts.


  • Module 1: The channeled model of soul, reincarnation, and karma that is the basis of my astrology work. New perspectives on each topic that will change how you see a human and the multilife journey of soul.
  • Module 2: Pluto as the empowerment journey the soul sets out for its humans, including a new vision of power and how to heal Plutonian issues. My take is unique, building on and advancing what others in EA have offered.
  • Module 3: The South Node of the Moon/North Node as markers of many lifetimes of karmic conditioning including family/ancestry and community.
  • Module 4: The South Node ruler by sign as revealing the chart holder’s identity and role in many lives; explaining the 4 steps of the karmic story and introducing how to create basic sentences.
  • Modules 5 & 6: Beginning practice forming basic sentences using these symbols to build a scaffold, enabling you to discern a karmic story from the chart.

Read all the details and order it here (scroll down below The Pluto Generations Course).

As currently designed, there are 7 courses in the series. Evolutionary Astrology Basics II, which is all practice while incorporating aspects to the 4 symbols of the karmic story (Pluto, SN, SN ruler, & NN), will be available as a home-study course by the end of 2018.