Subscriber Announcements

Sagittarius 2020
This Month’s Class
The class for the month is prerecorded minireadings for all who opted in by December 12th. As of December 23, I’ve recorded and uploaded 35 of 38 and will email the  subscriber list when all are complete.

Capricorn 2020-2021
New materials were released December 21, 2020.
Set your Dropbox preferences to alert you when I upload a new file to a folder you have access to. I endeavor to write each time I upload a channeled meditation, a few days before each lunation.

2021 Level I (including everyone) Class & Minireading Schedule
The table below reflects some changes:
1. Instead of 5 sets of minireadings as classes per year with me having tons of stress, it will be 4 sets per year with much less stress. The subscriber list will be divided into Groups 1 & 2 and will receive minireadings on the schedule listed below. I’ll create the two groups at the start of Aquarius 2020.
2. Instead of 5 “lecture” classes per year, you’ll get 8, according to the schedule listed below.

Solar Month (begins when the Sun enters the sign listed)Subscriber Minireadings (open to all--Level I)Subscriber "Lecture" Classes (open to all--Level I)
Capricorn 2020-2021NoneLecture
Aquarius 2021Group 1Lecture
Pisces 2021Group 2None
Aries 2021NoneLecture
Taurus 2021Group 1Lecture
Gemini 2021Group 2None
Cancer 2021NoneNone
Leo 2021Group 1Lecture
Virgo 2021Group 2Lecture
Libra 2021NoneLecture
Scorpio 2021Group 1None
Sagittarius 2021Group 2Lecture

Subscription Options Update
Levels I & II are now active–see the Subscription page for details.

When you want to order something on the perk list, let me know and I’ll invoice you for the correct amount. If you’ve paid yearly, you always have access to the perks. If you pay monthly, you’re eligible for some right away and others after 3 months (see the Subscription Service page for details).