Subscriber Announcements

Taurus 2019
The new materials were released on April 19.

Scorpio Full Moon Channeled Meditation
33 minutes, now uploaded to the month’s Dropbox folder at 8:15 AM Pacific time on May 16. The lunation takes place in the afternoon Pacific time on Saturday, May 18. 33 minutes.

This Month’s Class
Saturday, May 18 from 1-2 PM Pacific, I’ll teach a class (with slide show) on Eris’ myth and archetype, as well as basic astrology info. I’ll email the details soon.

Then Saturday-Monday, June 15-17, for the Gemini 2019 class we’ll do minireadings on Eris in your chart. As with past minireading months, you’ll be able to choose one of 3 classes or opt into me doing a minireading for you in a supplemental video. I’ll send details during early Gemini.

Bonus Channeled Meditations
I’m happy to announce I’ve recorded two brief channeled meditations from Djehuty geared toward making the most of the opportunities of the Pluto-Saturn dance in Capricorn beginning to unfold now (off and on through November 2020 if we use an orb of 5 degrees). I’ve uploaded them to the Subscriber Class Archive folder so all have access to them going forward.

When you want to order something on the perk list (see the Subscription page for details), let me know and I’ll invoice you for the correct amount.