Subscriber Announcements

Leo 2019
The forecast material this month is uploaded now to Dropbox, and I sent all subscribers an invitation to join on July 23.

Leo 2019 Class: Healthy Solar Self Minireadings
As of August 8, all 3 Leo 2019 class recordings are uploaded to the Dropbox folder, as well as 4 supplemental recordings covering those not in class.

Aquarius Full Moon Channeled Meditation
I’ve uploaded it to the Leo 2019 Dropbox folder. 33 minutes.

Subscription Options Update
From August 11-18, 2019, new subscribers can sign up for monthly payments via PayPal on the Subscription Service page. As of August 19, 2019, for a while I will offer for new subscribers only the one-off trial month payment and yearly subscriptions (but you pay for 11 at once and get a 12th free, so it’s a deal). This will reduce my administrative work load.

Bonus Channeled Meditations
I’m happy to announce I’ve recorded two brief channeled meditations from Djehuty geared toward making the most of the opportunities of the Pluto-Saturn dance in Capricorn beginning to unfold now (off and on through November 2020 if we use an orb of 5 degrees). I’ve uploaded them to the Subscriber Class Archive folder so all have access to them going forward.

As of August 10, 2019, the rate for 4-day healing intensives will be the same for all. I have offered a percentage off for subscribers, but it no longer feels right given how much energy, focus, and time I invest in these important healing events.

When you want to order something on the perk list (see the Subscription page for details), let me know and I’ll invoice you for the correct amount.