Subscriber Announcements

Aries 2019
The Sun changed signs Weds., March 20. The 3 videos and separated audio of the astrology of the month, the first of the 3 channeled lunation meditations for the month, three lunation charts, and PDF with time markers have been uploaded. Check back a day or two before each of the two other lunations for those channeled meditations, or set your Dropbox preferences to alert you when new files are added to folders you have access to.

The Aries 2019 class will include minireadings. Details TBD.

Bonus Channeled Meditations
I’m happy to announce I’ve recorded two briefish channeled meditations from Djehuty geared toward making the most of the opportunities of the Pluto-Saturn dance in Capricorn beginning to unfold now (off and on through November 2020 if we use an orb of 5 degrees). I sent an email explaining how to use them, and have uploaded them to the Aries 2019 folder.

When you want to order something on the perk list (see the Subscription page for details), let me know and I’ll invoice you for the correct amount.