Announcing the Pluto Healing Intensive, Sept. 26-29, 2019 in Sedona

This unique intensive open to 6 people will teach you a new, empowered way to approach and live with Pluto sourced in channeled material from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, and Hermes).

Based upon material presented in The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books, this view of Pluto centers on detaching from external models of empowerment (money, achievement, power over-power under games, physical strength, etc.) and developing power through choosing self-respect and self-care.

We’ll begin by exploring my unique EA-based approach to Pluto. Then we’ll explore the natal charts of all 6 attendees to bring the concepts to life and make them relevant. Intensives with me are opportunities to process and release past emotion, conditioning, and beliefs that might get in the way and block or limit you.

After working with your natal Pluto configuration, I’ll explain current, recent, and upcoming transits and progressions to it to help you understand how to navigate the opportunities and effects with more awareness and clarity.

We’ll rewrite your multilife history of relating to power so that you can inhabit and create your life with confidence and strength now.

Along the way, we’ll do meditations including transformative energy work. I’ll bring through Djehuty and Archangel Metatron to shift how your Plutonian energy flows.

You’ll leave this intensive with a clear understanding of how to heal your own Plutonian issues, as well as step forward with an acceptance of how you’re wired and what your soul expects you to learn regarding your Pluto.

My approach to Pluto centers on meeting—and confronting with compassion—intense, unpleasant emotions within the self and becoming stronger as a result of bringing love to them. This intensive will be, well, intense! I’ve become adept at guiding people through this territory, and I’m happy to share this teaching and process with a group.

Logistics/Details: The intensive will meet at a rented home in Sedona, Arizona (TBD). You can choose to stay at the house for an extra fee (TBD) or can be responsible for your own housing.
You’ll be responsible for your own transportation. For flights, Flagstaff is the nearest regional airport (a 40-min. drive away) and Phoenix has an international airport (a 2-hour drive). If you’re interested in sharing a room or rental car/shuttle from Phoenix or Flagstaff, let me know and I’ll connect you with others who may be interested.

Sign up with a deposit here.

What past attendees have to say:

Thank you so much for a truly great and truly intense workshop. I would not have traveled to Sedona for just any old teacher or any old workshop!  Only for intense work lead by a really great teacher, astrologer, and channel. 

I thought the workshop was really valuable and useful with the combination of instruction, wisdom, intense gentle and intentional meditations and focused, personal, powerfully insightful readings. The combinations of teachings, guided meditations and personal readings lead to deep, meaningful and profound openings, clearings and strengthened awareness, all of which was really valuable and quite remarkable for four days. Thank you for all of your hard work, channeling and knowledge. 

It was really wonderful to meet all of you and I think 6 was a great number for this workshop. I really appreciated everyone being SO REAL AND OPEN. It was incredible. I learned so much from witnessing each and every person’s process. I greatly appreciated all of your support and intentionality with witnessing my story. Thank you.

M. Oregon

I feel the Pluto Intensive had a profound effect on me in a positive manner …. I deeply appreciate the hard work you put into making this Intensive successful. Tom, you are an excellent teacher, astrologer, guide, channeler, and medium. A wise, empathic, articulate, and sensitive Shaman.

D., Illinois

Tom’s gifts of channeling and holding space of unconditional love in the room is with the highest respect to your capacity to healing.

I knew the Pluto Intensive was going to be life changing; what I didn’t know is how much. I got my dignity back! For that I am so thankful to Tom Jacobs for doing his soul work on this planet.

M., Laval, QC, Canada