Coming Soon: “Loving Lilith: An End to Shame” Home-study Healing Course

For months I’ve been creating and nurturing a home-study healing course for Lilith issues, and I’m close to releasing it. Living Lilith: An End to Shame is for anyone to use at their own pace to work through cultural, familial, and individual issues and wounds related to Lilith.

Organized into 9 modules and including channeled meditations to clear old energies, this course is a collaboration between me and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Thus far, my work with this being has been as a channel, while I reach into its mind and pull info out to bring to you. This time, Djehuty also accessed what I’ve developed about Lilith and wove it into the text. This is not an astrology course in any way–it is focused entirely on the archetype of Lilith.

The course is structured such that the fastest I would recommend doing it is 9 weeks (a module per week at most). Most people will feel it’s right to take more time with at least some of the modules. This work, then, is about long-term, deeper change, letting conditioning and beliefs fall away as you explore our suggestions and exercises for building self-respect and self-validation as Lilith.

Lilith’s work is always solitary at the beginning, as she unplugs from what’s surrounding her to develop deep self knowledge. While I was set to do live Lilith healing workshops, I was guided to bring you a home-study version to do at your own pace to truly give you a chance to get to know Lilith within yourself.

The text itself is around 50K words, the equivalent of a short book. Each module is followed by questions for reflection and journaling, making the material real for each individual who undertakes it.

The course as a whole is for self-discovery and -exploration, resulting in teaching you to know and honor Lilith as she exists in you.

Below are the module and channeled meditation lists.

Stay tuned for launch details.

In the mean time, check out the Black Moon Lilith Natal Report and the true Black Moon Lilith 20-minute MP3 readings I offer.




Module 1: An End to Shame
Module 2: Lilith and the Myth of the Patriarchy
Module 3: The World is a History of Traditions
Module 4: Control, Abuse, and Punishment, and “Me, Too”
Module 5: Understanding Sexual Violence
Module 6: Healing Sexual Violence
Module 7. The Nine Stages of the Lilith Archetype
Module 8: Respect for the Feminine
Module 9: A Future with Lilith

Draft Channeled Meditation list:

  1. Extended grounding meditation, incl. clearing others’ energies out and calling back your own.
  2. Clearing the residues of cultural attitudes of shaming the feminine.
  3. Clearing the effects of control, coercion, bullying, abuse.
  4. Clearing the residues of sex.
  5. Building self-validation from the ground up–owning instinct, investing in self-trust.