Loving Lilith Home-Study Course Feedback: “It’s affecting me deeply.”

A client working with the recently released home-study healing course Loving Lilith: An End to Shame sent me the following:

I’ve been doing the Lilith guided meditations a lot these past few days and the results are immediate, and actually beyond my expectations. The meditations alone are worth it! It is a body of work that is so helpful in alignment and centering/grounding. I wanted to let you know how much I love this home study you put together.

Later, she sent this:

It’s really a powerful course. It’s affecting me deeply and the reading material is really good too! I’m so impressed that you put that out so quickly, it would take most people years and years to get that accomplished.

Well, I did work on it for years, but only just recently began channeling Ascended Master Djehuty on Lilith to get the words on paper. I’ve been living the material in important ways for over a decade, working on healing my own portion of Lilith’s issues, fears, pains, and angers.

The course includes a 51K-word, 109-pp. PDF of mostly channeled teachings on healing Lilith’s issues in you organized into 9 modules with questions for reflection/journaling and 4 channeled meditations (totaling 113 minutes) to help you center, ground, and clear old energies that don’t serve you.

I estimate that a person might work through it at the fastest one module per week, but many may find more time on certain modules necessary. There’s no timeline, and no reason to rush it.

Read all the details and order here.