26 Ceres MP3 Readings

This is a set of twenty-six 20-minute mp3 readings on Ceres in the birth chart. These readings were add-on options during Cerealia 2019 and have been anonymized.

My focus in each reading is to give the chart holder insights into how love and care were modeled for him or her while providing suggestions for how to shift into patterns that promote self-care and well-being.

You’ll get access to a Dropbox folder to 26 mp3 readings totaling just under 9 hours. Each has a chart to go with it (25 of 26 have birth times). Also included is an Excel sheet with birth data, gender, and natal house and sign placements as well as direct or retrograde status.

Investment: $25. Use PayPal here or contact me for another form of payment. Allow up to a day for me to send you access to the Dropbox folder containing the files.