Intuitive Coaching Deal is in Play Through Nov. 9, 2019

Through Nov. 9, 2019, I’m offering a deal on packages of 3 coaching hours to get to the bottom of long-standing issues (even/especially those from other lives) that have persisted, dogged you, and gotten in the way of the life you’re wanting to live.

Some prefer talking through things in these sessions, some prefer deep energy work/clearing, some prefer a combinations. Either way, I’ll have your astrology chart and spirit guides, as well as Djehuty & Metatron with me to discern higher truth and identify solutions to whatever has persisted that needs to be shifted.

Regularly $375 ($125/hour), I’m currently offering 3 hours for $300 ($100/hour).

Read all the details about coaching with me here.

For this deal, I will invoice you instead of using PayPal. Email me at to inquire, request an invoice, or to ask me questions to find out if this work is right for you.

These 3 hours should be used within 3 months to get the best effect. Most people do this work with me weekly for a while, some once per month for a while. The hours can’t be split up between multiple people–I want you to get the benefit from deep work several times in a row.

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