Thinking of a Soul’s Journey Soundbite as a Gift? Order by Dec. 1

It’s just about 8 years that I’ve been doing Soul’s Journey Soundbite mp3 readings for people all over the world.

It started with the birthday of my girlfriend’s friend. Jillian showed me the woman’s chart and asked me something about her karmic story (about some particular detail) and I gave her a 10- or 11-minute overview using the 4 steps of how analyze karmic journeys in charts–all by house, sign, and aspects:

  1. Pluto represents the empowerment journey the soul sets out for the human in many lifetimes.
  2. The South Node of the Moon (SN) tells me what the person expects the world to be like due to conditioning in many lives.
  3. The SN ruler by sign reveals how the chart holder shows up as a unique individual in many lives (including how she expects to be treated).
  4. The North Node tells me what the person hasn’t been taught healthy models of but needs to learn now.

When I finished, Jillian’s eyes were wide and words were backed up in her mouth, trying to get out. She asked me to do it again but record it this time. Normally, I don’t like to repeat myself, but I thought it could be a good game. The steps are The Soul's Journey I Bookoutlined in my book The Soul’s Journey I, but I’d never done a quick overview before, and it kind of felt good.

She sent it to the friend, who said it was spot on. Jillian then said I should do it for other people, and it should be called a Soul’s Journey Soundbite.

So, here we are 8 years–and over 700 Soundbites–later. They’ve evolved from me trying to condense things into 15 minutes to allowing up to 30 minutes for each, and things with them are better now that they’re longer. I can spend more time spelling out the most important part of the story for healing, Pluto, and provide more suggestions for changing karma and moving on from old patterns, which is really why I do this work in the first place.

Each year around the end of the year people give them as gifts to their loved ones (I call it “giving the gift of insight”). This year, as I prepare for yet another household move, I’m asking you to order them by December 1 if you want them delivered by December 20.

Read more and order on this page, and then enter your data in the form below the order link.

Since these mp3s are prerecorded and I follow a 4-step script, I don’t take questions for them from you. But I give you a life overview unlike any other you’ll get from an astrologer, and people listen to theirs many times over years and still gain insight from them.

A large part of this is that I have inside my head Hermes, whom I usually call Ascended Master Djehuty, or Thoth, St. Germain, or Merlin. My brain is part of doing these readings, but Hermes’ bird’s-eye perspective helps me understand what your soul set out for your life and how to make it work better.


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