A Thank You: Energy Work MP3s 4-for-1 Deal

As a thank you for your interest in and support of my work for 15 years, here’s a deal: Four 90-minute energy work mp3s for the price of one.

These have deep effects, and can be used repeatedly to clear various layers in your consciousness, emotions, and energetic field. Several clients report to me regularly that they still use these, even years after they were produced, to clear and calibrate themselves.

All the details are spelled out in the download on my site, so I encourage you to click and read.

The Sagittarius new moon was on my natal Neptune in the 2nd house of resources and tools, so I’m opening this up so you can benefit from these Neptunian tools I’ve developed over the years.

In the future, I will do less live energy work for individual clients, promoting existing tools and developing new ones to reach more people that require less direct energy from me in real time.

On my channeled audio page there are more tools you can check out, too.