For a Limited Time: Pluto-Saturn 20-min. MP3 Readings

The January 12, 2020 conjunction between transiting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn is on just one day, but overall we have over a year and a half of their challenges to change our lives. Using an orb of 5 degrees, it began late Winter 2019 and goes until November 2020.

Currently I’m offering personalized 20-min. mp3 readings on what these two planets are asking you as they dance together in your chart. I’ll discuss:

  1. The house of your natal chart they’re currently transiting
  2. Major aspects they’re making now
  3. Their energies in context with your chart as a whole
  4. How to work with the energies to make the changes you need to make

The basic idea is that you need to make concrete, specific decisions to let go of what disempowers you and keeps you from perpetuating old patterns that don’t serve you. Check out a video on this I posted to YouTube some months ago to give you positive, proactive ideas on this transit.

Order here.