Jan. 10 & 11 Only: 10% off Select Programmed Moldavite Pendants

Today and tomorrow only (Jan. 10 & 11, 2020), I’m offering 10% off the higher-end moldavite sterling silver pendants (the pyramids and the trillium dealios).

The prices for these 5 pieces on my site reflect the 10% off.

(Monthly/yearly subscribers: You get 25% off these pieces, so email me if you’re interested–and it’s 25% off still.)

Because I have to mark each piece sold by hand, if someone else nabs the one you want a moment before you order, I’ll honor the price for another of the same kind, even if that means stocking more of the same soon.

The light could be better in the 5 photos, but these are spectacular pieces. In general, larger stones vibrate much more strongly, but small faceted stones of moldavite (as these all are) are very powerful. Figure something 10x+ the strength of raw/rough pieces of the same weight–really strong. Surprisingly so.