May 17, 2020: A Chiron Confab

An informal private conversation or discussion.
“They wandered off to the woods for a private confab.”

Join me Sunday, May 17, 2020 from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific for support on living intentionally and consciously with your Chiron.

As with previous Chiron Confabs, this is open to anyone who has their Chiron Natal Report from me. (If you don’t yet, you can order one by May 1 to make sure I can get it to you in time for the call–but you must have read through it at least once before we meet.) If you’ve been part of a previous Confab, you’re welcome to join this one, too.

While the report lays out my unique approach to Chiron as an energy antenna, just about all of us can use more time and attention to help us make the teachings real in our lives. Specifically this is because we live in a culture not very aware of energy, and Chiron is the part of you affected by–and sometimes absorbing–energy from others and the world around you.

Typically these Confabs center on:

  • practical advice regarding emotional and energetic boundaries
  • energy management techniques
  • honoring what we sense and feel and need in ways that others can’t or won’t
  • the unique path of self-validation deeply intuitive people need to walk but might not due to distraction by the energy/suffering/pain of others

Essentially, whatever next step you need to understand how to live in more harmony and awareness with your Chiron is what we cover, and it will be tailored to those who sign up.

Open to 5–3 spots are open as of April 13.
Investment: $45 for the public, $38 for subscribers to my monthly subscription/forecast service.

Register on this page.