Energy is Money is Energy Intro Video

Video–22 mins.: Energy is Money is Energy Introduction

Tom Jacobs (; introduces the channeled teaching Energy is Money is Energy. The next 7-week webinar on the topic begins May 16, 2020. One spot open as of April 23.

Two modules help you see that energetic/emotional blocks from this life or other lives create money issues and blocks. The first module is Transforming Debt (what you perceive you owe others or others owe you, emotionally speaking), and the second is Opening to Receive (covering understanding when you’ve received emotion and energy that have hurt you that make you unwilling to open to receive).

In the 7-week webinar beginning May 16, you’ll explore with Tom your unconscious emotional and energetic blocks that can be shifted to open up the flow of money and energy in your life.

He’ll use your astrology chart, bring through your spirit guides, and read your other-life and family issues to help you resolve and release those blocks.

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Energy is Money is Energy Webinar