Starting July 25, 2020: Using True Black Moon Lilith in Astrology Charts

Join me for an 8-week webinar beginning July 25, 2020 to learn to use the true Black Moon Lilith in natal charts.

A few weeks ago it occurred to me that I’ve never taught this kind of course, though I’ve specialized in using the true BML since 2004. I kind of couldn’t believe I not only hadn’t done it but hadn’t considered it, and set out to make an outline.

The course will enable you to read the true Black Moon Lilith in natal charts. Most learn about the mean position, which can be up to 30 degrees different from the true in any given chart, but is artificial. To my mind, it’s like asking a Barbie doll what a woman is like: A plasticized version of what we might want the feminine to be like.

We’ll begin with houses, signs, and aspects of the true BML, and then get into how to approach the deep and intense issues that Lilith in a person’s life and chart represents.

The time we’re living in is the beginning of a long healing process, one of learning to balance inner feminine and masculine. So many people are ready to cease shaming the natural feminine, embrace instinct, and claim confidence and autonomy.

All the details are here. Here’s an overview:

Week 1: Myth & Archetype, Psychology & Culture, Astronomy & Astrology
Week 2: Natal true BML Houses & Signs
Week 3: Natal true BML Aspects
Weeks 4 & 5: Putting It All Together I & II
Weeks 6 & 7: Revisiting Myth & Archetype for Helping Clients with Deep, Intense Lilith Issues I & II
Week 8: Chart Practice; Wrap-up Q&A

The meetings will take place via Zoom, and I’ll provide you the recordings afterward, as well as the documents and charts I use during class. The recordings will be used later for a home-study course.

Read all the rest and register here.