EA Basics II Home-study Course Available Now

It’s finally here! Evolutionary Astrology (EA) Basics II, the 2nd in the 9 steps of my new EA certification program, is now available.

As my living situation became mobile over two years ago, I put my EA teaching on hold. I’d taken 3 people into EA Advanced territory before I had finalized a path, and had to hit the “pause” button due to 3D circumstance.

But, and I told almost no one, soon after I got to work designing the path toward certification I’m announcing now.

EA Basics I introduces you to my unique style of EA. Even if you have worked with your birth chart for years, or studied with other EA teachers, the model of soul that I begin with will be new to you. This is because after graduating from Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, I took the questions I still had about the nature and journey of soul to an ascended master named Hermes, Djehuty, Thoth, et al.

The end of that course gets you started on practice creating the sentences that make up the 4-step karmic stories central to my work. EA Basics II picks up where it leaves off, providing more practice while adding in aspects to Pluto, the nodes, and the South Node ruler by sign.

Once you complete these two home-study courses, you’ll be eligible to continue with me in live EA classes beginning with EA Intermediate I. The next section of that course begins January 9, 2021.

Read about my new 9-step path to certification on this page–links to order both courses are there.