New Session: Energy Work Remote Sexual Healing

A few months ago I stepped away from doing energy work frequently in sessions. I’ve had a chance to regroup and refocus my priorities, and am excited to offer this new session: Remote Sexual Healing.

I’ve done quite a lot of this work for all kinds of clients since 2012, and now am formalizing it into a new offering.

Done remotely (over webinar or the phone), I can clear old energies of abuse or guilt/shame out of and calibrate a person’s energy field.

In the process, I bring other-life selves (past-life parts) and inner children (or parts of you from any age affected by these issues) to the surface to hear them and give them a voice, clear what they carry, and help them unwind and integrate.

This is powerful work using frequencies of Archangel Metatron, a figure focused on transformation and teaching us to build and commit to uncompromising integrity and self-respect.

Read all the details here.

From that page:

Who Can Benefit From This Type of Session
Those who:

  • Have experienced sexual abuse of any kind: rape, date rape, molestation, incest, etc.
  • Suspect or feel they have experienced sexual abuse of any kind, even if there are no concrete memories, details, or facts.
  • Feel they have misused sexual energy in any way and might carry guilt, shame, self-criticism, regret, and/or self-doubt as a result. (Including shame from contracting or spreading STDs.)
  • Experience blocks in relationships regarding intimacy, both regarding trust issues and sexuality itself.
  • Have fears and anxiety about sex, rape, or STDs, whether from early in life and continuing to today or more recently popped up, even if you don’t know why it has.
  • Have been or are sex workers/in the sex trade and are looking to clear energy and learn energetic self-care.
  • Feel any kind of block to being and feeling safe in their bodies due to issues surrounding intimacy, trust, and sex.

Note: Those exploring gender identity and sexual orientation issues may be better served by my coaching work. If this is you, consider if you need to heal trauma/abuse or guilt/shame issues that are deep and lasting, or if you need clarity and support about your soul’s path. If the latter, coaching may be best.